¨How a TV program can turn normal people into executioners”




“My conversations with team members and supervisors have become more productive, because there are no hidden messages in my communications.”

—Eva Steinhaus,

Associate Director,

West LB

“Dr. Zweifel is a man who deserves a title that is all too often bestowed without merit, but in this case is truly deserved: miracle worker.”

—David Searby,

program officer,

U.S. State Department

A Thinking Partner

To  Your Success.

100% Committed

"I broke through the basic rules that I had imposed on myself."

—Werner Brandmayr,


—Michael Gentz,

Managing Director,

ConocoPhillips Germany

“Well worth our investment of time and money.

While we did not achieve our breakthrough goal of 16% growth, we did produce 11%, at a time when the industry experienced negative growth.”

“Helps me accomplish more than I could on my own.”

—Steve Miley,

Executive Vice President,


—Phil Atkinson,


Context Communications

—Charles Grummisch,


Ascension Financial Strategies

“I think you are ahead of the game and you are perhaps on this earth to teach people – including me – effectiveness.”

“Earnings have increased, and new opportunities not previously considered possible have emerged.”

"You're helping me change my life. Thank you."

—Judd Maltin,

Chairman & CEO,
New Goliath

—Robert Jansen,


JARO Fruit

“Brilliant work.”

Interview with Thomas D. Zweifel about the crisis of leadership and what you and I can do about it

The First Tech Suppot Guy

(funny coaching session)


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Have you ever had a coaching hotline with a trusted coach / confidant / sounding board / thinking partner / committed listener who is 100% committed to your success? Someone without ulterior motives or his/her own agenda? Someone who is totally on your side? Someone who stands in your future when you forget and holds you to your commitments?

Based on coaching leaders in all sectors since 1984 to meet breakthrough objectives, I have developed Coaching-In-Action, a systematic and proven methodology to assist clients in:

  1. Upgrading their leadership game, capacity, and competencies.

  2. Building emotional intelligence and regulating feelings like anger, guilt, negativity, impatience or vindictiveness.

  3. Positioning themselves as valuable and in-demand managers, and building consensus for a shared vision and for strategic or tactical decisions.

Traditional seminars may provide insights and even peak experiences, but are not built to last: They fail to truly incorporate participants’ learning into their company strategy and/or day-to-day challenges. Coaching-In-Action is designed to maximize sustainable impact.

The process is designed to develop and/or enhance key leadership and co-leadership competencies along the five levels of the Global Leader Pyramid™.

The Coaching-In-Action process is highly customized to the client’s specific situation, competencies and opportunities.

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