Often leaders have a great vision, but don't know how to communicate their strategies and translate them into results. Just as often, a company's staff has insight or knowledge that never makes its way to the top. In short, the difference between a good company and a great company lies in its ability to communicate. In Communicate or Die, Dr. Zweifel shows you how to achieve breakthrough performance simply by changing the way you speak and listen.

Leadership through language

  1. PuceAvoid communication disasters of companies like Bridgestone, AOL, Intel, and Liz Claiborne

  2. PuceBecome a masterful communicator who generates the reality of your choice through language.

Results through listening

  1. Puce"Communicate or Die" gives you practical tools for how you can impact your people's performance simply by how you listen.

  2. PuceClimb the Matterhorn of Masterful Listening–assess, develop and sustain the Seven Levels of Listening to produce results effortlessly and with your ears alone

Written for doers

  1. PuceHarness the power of your speaking and listening to shape reality–your own and that of the people around you

  2. PuceAvoid the Four Deadly Sins of Speaking and minimize the clutter in your language



"An effective guide for how to best participate, lead and get results. I will keep this book and its ideas close to me for the long haul."

—Judd Maltin,

Chairman & CEO,
New Goliath

“Everybody should read this book. It's going to cost you next to nothing to read. You can substitute one evening of entertainment and make a difference in your life and work for years to come”

—Ali Velshi,

CNN Senior business correspondent and

host of Your $$$$$

—Steve Baird,

Senior Management Advisor,


“I am a huge believer in Communicate or Die. When people speak--and listen-- effectively, they get better information, better strategic intelligence, and better results. Zweifel's short book is absolutely essential for you and your people if you want tight championship teams.”

—Lynne Twist,

President of The Turning Tide Coalition and author of "The Soul of Money"

“A concise, wise and witty book that will help any company or team build its communication muscle--and increase its results exponentially. Leaders and managers in any sector would do well to read this book and give it to their people.”

“We purchased 165 copies of this book as our Holiday gift for clients (family and firends get them also!). It applies to everyone!”

—Susanne Frindt

Co-founder and Principal, 2130 Partners

“This book is eminently readable and thoroughly useful. I recommend it highly.”

—Sunny Yates,

Founding Partner,

effective environments


  1. Paperback: 128 pages

  2. Publisher: Select Books (January 1, 2010)

  3. Language: English

  4. ISBN-10: 1590790529

  5. ISBN-13: 978-1590790526

  6. Product Dimensions: 9.1 x 5.9 x 0.4 inches

Thomas D. Zweifel is the CEO of Swiss Consulting Group. Strategies based on his six books on co-leadership are used by 30+ Fortune 500 companies, governments, and the military. Since 2000, Dr. Zweifel has taught leadership at Columbia University, St. Gallen University and business schools in Australia, Israel and Switzerland. More > >



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