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Tips for listening  text vs. subtexts

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“... very good in the area in which I was most interested–building effective business relationships. I walked away with some tips for conduct as well as issues to keep in mind. Very helpful.”

—Catherine Burton,

Global Head Biostatistics,

Novartis AG

“InView's Guest Speaker Program has benefited tremendously from the partnership forged with Mr. Zweifel. The seminars he has led for our Global 1000 client base have been among the best in terms of relevance, content, and delivery.

“Wow! Everyone loved your participation. After you got off the call, there was an echo on the phone… the point is you've created a buzz.”

—Brian Glibkowski,

Guest Speaker Program Director,


“Thanks, again, for the fantastic job you did presenting and interacting with the group yesterday at SUNY New Paltz. The feedback from the participants was very positive and each with whom I spoke was very impressed with your content and your engagement with them individually.”

—A. Rief Kanan,

Group Chair,

Vistage International and Director, Business Institute,

SUNY New Paltz

“Very helpful. Learning to listen better.”

—Diane Raia,

Corporate Services, Pershing / Bank of New York

“The entire class was excellent. Everyone should take this class. Well presented, prepares for future leading.”

—Thomas Zakrzewski,

Customer Tech Solutions,

Pershing / Bank of New York

“Awesome. Every small business with a team environment needs to do this”

—Bill Sparks,


Prodox LLC

Communicate or die-In-Action

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Often leaders have a great vision but don't know how to communicate their strategies and turn them into results. Just as often, a company's staff has insight and information that never makes its way to the top. In short, the difference between a good company and a great one may lie in its ability to communicate effectively.

Not only does good communication enhance success – unproductive communication can damage an otherwise sound organization. If 1,000 people work for a company, each earns $30/hour and each spends one hour a day gossiping at the water cooler, the company loses $62 million a year. And all too often miscommunication between the Business and the IT Team is the reason why projects come in over budget, are delivered with lower quality, or quite simply fail.

The Communicate or Die-In-Action workshop gives you and your colleagues the opportunity to take a close look at your company's communication style and practices. We identify communication breakdowns and create an environment for achieving extraordinary results based on the key ingredient of communication: listening.

Communicate or Die is designed to train people to be leaders, and inspire others to action, through communication. The workshop covers:

  1. Self-assessment: leadership through communication

  2. Conversations of leaders: the "Communication for Results Pyramid"

  3. The Matterhorn of Masterful Listening™

  4. Building a championship team.

  5. Taking charge of the conversation by listening for and decoding subtexts beneath any text

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