Making Your People

Cross-cultural Champions.

The German Coast Guard

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Dr. Thomas Zweifel,

Speaker, Professor, and Author

“Very impactful for all participants and has heightened our productivity and results whenever we work cross-culturally. Novartis-Australia has performed strongly and has been recognised within Novartis as a 'Winner' for the last 8 months.”

—Dr. Martin Cross,



“I have personally seen Dr. Zweifel in action. His greatest skill in my opinion is to help people with different agendas to find that precious common ground and build from there. He is a man who deserves a title that is all too often bestowed without merit, but in this case is truly deserved: miracle worker.”

—David Searby,

program officer,

U.S. State Department

“Thank you for your hard work on these programs in Singapore. You are invaluable to our team.”

—Diana Anderson,


Intercultural Business Seminars,


“Your cultural tips will definitely make my transition as smooth as possible.”

—Julia Snedkova,

Associate Brand Manager,

Procter & Gamble Eastern Europe 


Global Leader Panel

Academy of Chief Executives,

New York City

“The cultural training has been very helpful and so far I have had no problems with the auditees. By the way, you are a great source of inspiration, enthusiasm and support.”

—Nancy Meier,

Senior Auditor,


“A very important step for me as well as my seniors. As we all know, actively living cultural diversity should be one of the most important leadership tasks in any global company”

—Daniel Zweifel,

Executive Director /

Head Marketing Wealth Management,


Culture Clash-In-Action

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It is imperative that we understand how to work effectively in a global environment. Successful international business and diplomatic relations are impossible without the competence to work with people of other cultures. This workshop will teach you what it means to be a global citizen and how to operate in a multicultural landscape to avoid costly culture clashes – either by resolving cross-cultural breakdowns when they happen, or even better by anticipating them.

By the end of this process, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the ten most costly sins of global interaction

  2. Decode how to work with other cultures with the Global Pyramid™

  3. Learn to understand the business culture of selected target countries

  4. Map the dimensions of  multiple cultures using the Global Integrator™

  5. Leverage new knowledge to run a global conference call/meeting

  6. Plan a global strategy involving people of multiple cultures

  7. Build alignment among people from various cultures.

To integrate the learning with the client company's strategy, participants will design and launch 100-day Catalytic Projects that will ¨force¨ them to test their new-found competencies in the action of managing across borders and producing cross-cultural results, with an ROI many times the investment.

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