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“A great read--and you end up smarter as a result of it. Absolutely required reading for leaders who manage across cultures.”

—Ali Velshi,

CNN Senior business correspondent and

host of Your $$$$$

Bloomberg TV

DaimlerChrysler vs. Nissan

Microsoft in China





Manage Effectively

Across Borders.

“We use Culture Clash in our advanced leadership course. It is a great tool in building the skills the Army needs in the 21st century. ”

—Col. Joseph LeBoeuf,

Head, Leadership Program,

US Military Academy at West Point

—Werner Brandmayr,


“This book offers essential principles and tips for any senior manager who needs to circumnavigate the treacherous cliffs of global cultures.”

—Steve Baird,

Senior Management Advisor,


“Culture Clash is worth real money for global companies. If you want to build or manage a global high-performance team, read this book and give it to everyone around you”

“I have been in the business of cross-border M&As for a long time. If you follow these prescriptions, you have an instant leg up on the competition. A great a book.”

—John Adams,


Adams & Royer

“An important and timely book, and it should be read by all those who are working not only to prevent culture clash, but for our common future as humanity”

—Hon. Koji Kakizawa,

former Foreign Minister,


—Lynne Twist,

President of The Turning Tide Coalition and author of "The Soul of Money"

“Wit and wisdom.

A brilliant piece of work and highly relevant to today's global culture.”

John Cleese vs. Extremism

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Culture Clash

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Culture Clash is the ultimate guide to working in an international and diverse team environment. You and your international managers learn how to avoid costly mistakes, how to decode national or corporate cultures, and how to navigate cross-cultural projects for best results. An absolute necessity for smart leaders who manage across cultures.

Like it or not, all of us are touched by globalization - even the fruit vendor at the street corner. But few leaders are prepared for managing across cultures; and the costs of cultural blind spots can spin out of control. I have packed Culture Clash with fascinating stories, sound research and practical techniques--the global and intercultural competencies you need to manage across cultures anywhere in the world.

Learn how to:

  1. Build and manage global high-performance teams.

  2. Parachute into any culture and get the job done while respecting the local customs.

  3. Avoid costly no-no's in your cross-cultural interactions.

  4. Use the Pyramid for Global Results to instantly decode a national or corporate culture.

  5. Work with the Global Integrator™ spider graph to navigate cross-cultural mergers, acquistions or joint ventures

  6. Orchestrate global meetings and teleconferences--before, during, and after--that create alignment and mobilize the troops worldwide

  7. And much, much more (not least some pretty hilarious cross-cultural jokes...).

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