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“My strongest thanks for the difference you have made in my life. I can stress 5 great changes that make of me a true leader, a leader truly useful for my community.”

—Roosevelt Jean Francois,

Senior Executive,

Radio Melodie FM / SECOSIDA,


—Michael Gentz,

Managing Director,

ConocoPhillips Germany

“Extremely valuable for the human skills (leadership, communication, coaching) of the participants, and an important and lasting contribution to their careers.”

“From my perspective, this innovative format is exceptional. The course provided us with comprehensive, essential information about the life-science industry plus leadership guidelines and concepts. I experience already benefits from the course in my day-to-day life at Evotec.”

—Dr. Erich Greiner,

Executive Vice President,

Evotec AG

“The review of the objectives was a very healthy exercise. In the coming weeks I'll agree with each global owner what it means to now own an objective globally. When you come back in 3 months time it will be interesting to see what changes we see not just in the status of the objectives, but also in the team with each direct by then having had to work on something very real with all of their colleagues.”

—David Reilly, Head

Technology/Infrastructure Services,

Credit Suisse

“I learnt a great deal, I was challenged to be creative and am really motivated by the outcome, and also feel that by my learning I am already contributing to the day to day business within Fulcrum. We all took something very positive away from the experience!”

—Dr. Sarah Arbe-Barnes,

General Manager of EU Operations, Fulcrum Pharma Developments


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The Leadership-In-Action workshop/process is designed to provide participants with a learning and development platform that focuses on leadership and strategy implementation along key organizational objectives, and ultimately enhances entrepreneurship and innovation across the company.

Leadership-In-Action provides high-impact learning, interaction and best-in-class teaching to develop and/or enhance key leadership, coaching and mentoring competencies along the 5 levels of the Global Leader Pyramid™.

Each participant will design, launch, and deliver a Catalytic Project as a laboratory for challenging, exploring, and testing their leadership competencies in the action of producing real-world results.

Each will coach other participants to implement their Catalytic Projects.

And each will debrief their Catalytic Project and their coaching experience to maximize their leadership learning and sustainability.

Ultimately, we assist the client in developing one common language through a shared leadership development framework, shared culture, shared values, and shared benchmarks.

Overhaul the leadership of your company, department, or board while catalyzing a ROI many multiples the investment.

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