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"With our logo on the cover, the books and their cutting-edge knowledge build our competitive brand--a great return on investment."

—Eric Decosterd,

Head, EMBA Program, Haute Ecole de Gestion;
former member executive committee, Novartis Consumer Health

in a Book.

"Leadership in 100 Days definitely stimulated my daily self-coaching efforts for improvement. The book animates and helps to carry out personal assignments on a day to day basis. I will warmly recommend it to my leadership team."

—Dr. Felix Obrist,


Oswald Foods

"I wish I had had Zweifel’s tools 35 years ago when

I was starting out."

—Werner Brandmayr,


"Brings out the very best in people: leadership, creativity, high performance, a commitment to the task."

—Hugo Cardona,


SER National

—Leander Isler,

Member of the board,

Gessner AG

"A fast, simple and effective tool."

“Indeed a 'coach in a book' that confronts you with your own blindspots and charts a course you might not take on your own -- the path of leadership. A huge return on investment.”

—Martin Naville,

CEO, Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce

"Methodology was great ... I see measurable results in the organization: more (and more open) communication about deployment, and better informed managers and employees."

—Dr. Mario Crameri,

Head IT Strategy and Governance at Credit Suisse

The Global Leader Pyramid™

US Air Force Academy

Entrepreneurs can change the world

Leadership in 100 Days

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To produce an accomplishment of size, leaders must move through the 5 levels of the Global Leader Pyramid™.

At each level, leaders have effective conversations—they speak and listen effectively—that add value and empower others to achieve their goals. If you miss a level, you get a smaller result or unintended consequences.

Applications: Any project that requires the buy-in and participation of others, e.g.:

  1. Preparing and facilitating meetings with clients, colleagues, suppliers, international partners

  2. Planning a succession, or coaching employees and bringing out the best in them

  3. Bringing a product to market, or closing a sale

  4. Managing a merger or acquisition, or working across borders, outsourcing, virtual teams

  5. Building team alignment … and more.

Use the Global Leader Pyramid™ to maximize your leadership effectiveness.

Usually a coach costs you $200+ an hour. At a fraction of the cost, Leadership In 100 Days: A Self-Coaching Workbook coaches you through 100 days of developing your leadership in the action of producing breakthroughs in results, quality or speed.

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