Leadership is in crisis. In this age of collapsing financial institutions and government bailouts, outsourcing and a border-less economy, virtual teams and free agents, the rules have changed. What does it mean to be a leader in the 21st century?

Since 1984, I have been privileged to work with leaders from Nelson Mandela to Haitian slum dwellers, from CEOs to military officers, helping them produce breakthrough results

(Thomas D. Zweifel resume).

I made so many mistakes that I can now coach clients to avoid them. My failures and successes allowed me to develop a methodology that builds adaptive leaders systematically and predictably--and that maximizes your Return on People (ROP).

The bottom line: Leaders who achieve things bigger than themselves have effective conversations at each level of the Global Leader Pyramid™.

Enjoy the journey.


Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel






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