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3 best leaders, 3 worst leaders

US Air Force Academy

“Thank you for your continued involvement in the Global Leaders Panel. Your perspective and insights on the qualities of the new generation of leaders ensured an engaging event. I have received extremely positive feedback from attendees.”

—Dr. Stephanie Fahey,


Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific,

University of Sydney

“Thomas is a great speaker!!!”

—Malcolm Elvey,

International Chair,

CEO Clubs

“During the two hours they spent with Dr. Zweifel discussing leadership, the group was transformed into a single, cohesive unit, freely sharing ideas and opinions and working together. It was an amazing feat. The group contacted me later to say how grateful they were for meeting Dr. Zweifel.”

—David Searby,

program officer,

U.S. State Department

"We accomplished more than I would have even expected. This is being seen by the senior leadership as having the potential to shape how all of Johnson & Johnson does business."

—Sandra Thompson, VP Human Resources, Animas, a Johnson & Johnson Company

“I cannot forget such an impressive guest speaker like you and some very special things of your lecture—especially the pyramid of global dialogue.”

—Mihail Mihailov,

Managing Director,

MOST Computers

The 3 Cs of 21st Century Leadership

Global Leader Panel

Academy of Chief Executives,

New York City


Speaking & Keynotes

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CEO, author and leadership professor Thomas D. Zweifel says that soft skills (co-leadership, communication, cross-cultural management) are the key to hard results. Dr. Zweifel’s stories and tools give people access to being global leaders in the 21st century. He inspires audiences with a unique blend of cutting-edge leadership theory, international affairs, management tools, executive coaching, and timeless philosophy—an interdisciplinary approach sorely missing in this era of specialists who don’t connect the dots.

For 25 years, Dr. Zweifel has developed leadership tools and methodologies for Fortune 500 companies and SME's, governments and international organizations, nonprofits and the military. His clients include Aventis, Banana Republic, Bank Leumi, Citibank, ConocoPhillips, Credit Suisse, DHL, Goldman Sachs, GE, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, UBS, the UN Development Programme, the US Military Academy at West Point, and the US State Department.

Dr. Zweifel shows leaders how to:

  1. Maximize ownership of strategy and minimize pushback to change

  2. Get results through effective communication--speaking and listening

  3. Avoid costly culture clashes and manage skillfully across cultures

  4. Unleash people power for performance

  5. Turn breakdowns into breakthroughs

“You did a beautiful job and are an engaging speaker!”

—Carolie Johnson,

Registered Principal,

LPL Wildrick & Johnson

Books / Processes / Tools