Stop talking - Start preparing

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Top-down strategy is bankrupt

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  1. +People

"Excellent facilitator. Methodology was great. Experience from working with other companies. "

—Dr. Mario Crameri,

Head IT Strategy and Governance at Credit Suisse

+ Performance.

—Kurt A. Flosky,

Executive Vice President,


“The opportunity to take a step away from the daily operations to focus on longer term strategy was beneficial. I especially appreciated your perspective several times to imagine we are already at our goals and identify what the organization looks like in the future as a framework for establishing strategy now.”

"integrates the many components of a strategy into an understandable, living process, shared by the team members, with great value and applicability and which generates more than the desired results."

—Hugo Cardona,


SER National

—Charles Grummisch,


Ascension Financial Strategies

“You did the most important work to be done – you laid the groundwork for our future. You were standing in our success as though it were your own. It is safe to say that without your input we would not be facing what we all now see is an extraordinarily bright future.”


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We conduct individual interviews of key stakeholders to gain a full understanding of the current situation, define the expected changes, and distill the underpinnings of shared understanding.

Based on the interviews, we produce a background paper for a Strategy-In-Action workshop.

We facilitate the Strategy-In-Action workshop to maximize ownership in the strategy and launch catalytic actions:

  1. A shared understanding of the current situation and definition of key stakeholders.

  2. A snapshot of the strategic intent and key deliverables.

  3. Alignment of the change management team on the strategy.

  4. Launch of catalytic projects that will drive the change and produce immediate outcomes that will test / inform the change strategy.

Following the workshop, we produce a strategy paper based on the shared understanding and shared strategy.

Subsequently, we coach 100-day catalytic projects.

—Larry Quick,

Co-Founder & Online Strategist, Dow Digital

"Greater focus, clarity & rigor in planning and running our operation. Increased clarity on roles, responsibilities, span of control & lines of communication. Tighter focus on reporting. Re-structure of our entire business at the same time as producing the results."

Stop talking - Start preparing

(funny commercial)

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