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in Action.


“Treats business as a part of everyday life.”

—Dr. Frank Waltmann,

Head of Executive Learning Novartis International

“Offers a kind of leadership power that is all too often missing in boardrooms and that you simply won’t find elsewhere.”

—Ali Velshi,

CNN Senior business correspondent and

host of Your $$$$$

“Provides an insightful “lighthouse” to navigate the dynamic world of leadership and management in the 21st century. ”

—Dr. Martin Cross,



“In an age where anything goes, and unfortunately almost anything does, it’s refreshing to rediscover a familiar anchor. Timeless, powerful and actionable.”

—Scott A. Snook,

Professor of Organizational Behavior,

Harvard Business School

“This is powerful stuff. Makes the difference between a good company and a great company.”

—Mikio Uekusa,

Chairman, Akebono Corporation,


—George M. Weiss,

founder and CEO,

Beechtree Capital

“Demonstrates that the greatest source of capital comes not from our bank accounts, stock portfolios or corner offices, but from within each of us.”

“Principles and practices that have served leaders ever since Moses, state-of-the-art executive management tools, influence that comes from profound insight.”

—Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard,

Ph.D.; Director of Organizational Development, CLAL

—Steve Lubetkin

Cherry Hill,

New Jersey,

United States

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Middle Chamber Books Podcast #17

Interview with Thomas D. Zweifel about the crisis of leadership and what you and I can do about it

¨Rabbi & CEO¨ mini-workshop with Thomas D. Zweifel and Rabbi Aaron Raskin

George Carlin:

The Ten Commandments

(explicit language)

“Great sharing of information and receiving & transmitting valuable thoughts on the Leadership subject.”

—Roswitha Kolb,
CMS Sales, Software & Solutions EMEA,

The Rabbi and The CEO-In-Action

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In this multi-disciplinary, action-packed workshop, and through individual, paired, and group processes, participants overhaul the foundation of their leadership by learning:

  1. Commandment 1 (Out of Egypt): How to free themselves and unleash the potential of others.

  2. Commandment 2 (No idols): How to build an authentic vision not based on idols or external expectations, but truly their own.

  3. Commandment 3 (No false testimony): How to lead through language—through a specific type of speaking and listening.

  4. Commandment 4 (The Sabbath): How—like transcendent leaders from Moses to Mandela—to prioritize, say no to external demands and circumstances, and take time out to reflect and contemplate.

  5. Commandment 5 (Honor father and mother): How to use appreciation as a key management tool, and see the importance of each person and each detail to the overall strategy.

  6. Commandment 6 (No killing): How to regulate their anger and channel their emotions into productive energy.

  7. Commandment 7 (No adultery): How to walk their talk and tackle difficult ethical dilemmas.

  8. Commandment 8 (No stealing): How to embody the future by the way they invest themselves.

  9. Commandment 9 (No False Testimony): How to be unafraid to give bad news; and how, instead of being stopped by adversity, to harness breakdowns into breakthroughs.

  10. Commandment 10 (No coveting): How to put themselves in the shoes of clients, competitors, and even enemies.

In a unique synergy, Dr. Thomas D. Zweifel, Swiss Consulting Group CEO, leadership professor, and author of leadership books like Communicate or Die and Culture Clash, has teamed up with Rabbi Aaron L. Raskin, dynamic Jewish leader, mensch, and author of Letters of Light, to blend the timeless wisdom of the Ten Commandments with a cutting-edge methodology based on twenty-five years of coaching leaders—a mix that provides innovative tools and techniques for lasting success.

The Rabbi & the CEO offers leaders a kind of power all too often missing in boardrooms. Standing in the rich, over three-thousand-year-old tradition of Jewish thought, this workshop makes the timeless wisdom of the ages, and sages, directly relevant to today’s business leaders.

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