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"The new gold standard of leadership and communication."

—Eric Decosterd,

Head, EMBA Program, Haute Ecole de Gestion;
former member executive committee, Novartis Consumer Health


"Incredibly useful."

—Judd Maltin,

Chairman & CEO,
New Goliath

"I wish I had had Zweifel’s tools 35 years ago when

I was starting out."

—Werner Brandmayr,


"Brings out the very best in people: leadership, creativity, high performance, a commitment to the task."

—Hugo Cardona,


SER National

—Leander Isler,

Member of the board,

Gessner AG

"A fast, simple and effective tool."

"This is being seen by the senior leadership as having the potential to shape how all of Johnson & Johnson does business."

—Sandra Thompson, VP Human Resources, Animas, a Johnson & Johnson Company

"Methodology was great ... I see measurable results in the organization: more (and more open) communication about deployment, and better informed managers and employees."

—Dr. Mario Crameri,

Head IT Strategy and Governance at Credit Suisse


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Global Leader Pyramid Poster™

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The Global Leader Pyramid™ poster is ideal for your office. Hang it on the wall and use it as a diagnostic tool to find out and provide what's missing in your team, department, or project.

To produce an accomplishment of size, leaders must move through the 5 levels of the Global Leader Pyramid™.

At each level, leaders have effective conversations—they speak and listen effectively—that add value and empower others to achieve their goals. If you miss a level, you get a smaller result or unintended consequences.

Applications: Any project that requires the buy-in and participation of others, e.g.:

  1. Preparing and facilitating meetings with clients, colleagues, suppliers, international partners

  2. Planning a succession, or coaching employees and bringing out the best in them

  3. Bringing a product to market, or closing a sale

  4. Managing a merger or acquisition, or working across borders, outsourcing, virtual teams

  5. Building team alignment … and more.

Use the Global Leader Pyramid™ to maximize your leadership effectiveness.

Hang the Global Leader Pyramid poster on one or several walls in the office. Use it to diagnose issues, see what's missing, and speed up your trouble-shooting. Align on solutions with your team and cut down the time you spend in meetings.

The Global Leader Pyramid™

US Air Force Academy

"After three months of hard work you can see the results. One project out of several in the world was selected in my company. I was selected as hero in action in my company. I want to thank you for the way you have made a deep influence in the way I work, I think and I live."

—Rigoberto Almaral Mendivil,

Senior Project Manager,

Microsoft Mexico

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